«nothing exists except upon an assumed foundation of absence. nothing exists except insofar as it does not exist.»

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Aoû 27, 2014

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Aoû 27, 2014

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Aoû 27, 2014


white punk boys who think being subversive means not caring about social progress are annoying and fake and not allowed to look at me

Aoû 27, 2014
The proletariat and its party must unite all the strata that can be united and organize a broad united front against imperialism and its lackeys. In order to consolidate and expand this united front, it is necessary that the proletarian party should maintain its ideological, political and organizational independence and insist on the leadership of the revolution. The proletarian party and the revolutionary people must learn to master all forms of struggle, including armed struggle. They must defeat counter-revolutionary armed force with revolutionary armed force whenever imperialism and its lackeys resort to armed suppression.
Mao Zedong (via spectreofcommunism) Aoû 26, 2014
During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander. After their death, attempts are made to convert them into harmless icons, to canonize them, so to say, and to hallow their names to a certain extent for the “consolation” of the oppressed classes and with the object of duping the latter, while at the same time robbing the revolutionary theory of its substance, blunting its revolutionary edge and vulgarizing it.
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Aoû 26, 2014


Is this military tech-wave?

Aoû 26, 2014


"it" was lucky

Aoû 26, 2014


don’t you just wanna pop these fucked up alien snot blobs with a thumbtack like a balloon

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Aoû 26, 2014